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Politicians in Washington D.C. claim they want to help out everyday Americans, yet all they do is keep raising Government spending.

How can they help you if all they are doing is increasing our Debt and continually taking more money from our pockets in Taxes? It is time to do something that will actually benefit the average American, and especially us hard working Texans.

This is why I propose an elimination of income tax on all overtime hours worked. Our hardest working Americans deserve to keep the money they are working so hard for. Why should you be punished for going above and beyond to help your family? Let’s be honest, 15% is a lot harder on those of us at the bottom then it is for those at the top.

If you go to work and put in 50, 60, or even more hours a week, not only should you be rewarded with the extra income for your extra time, but the Government should incentive you for doing so by eliminating your income tax on this income so it all comes to your pocket. In this way we are directly impacting those who need the money the most, and allowing them to keep the money they earned instead of sending it to Washington to be wasted.

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