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The American Dream is alive and well. And that means our country is very attractive to people who live abroad and want to build a better life for their families. This is the same dream my great-great-grandparents had, and this is the same dream millions of families have come here for over the last 200 years.

It is vital to our national security that we have a border that we can protect and secure. This means we need to be able to control the vast amounts of land that exist between border stations or checkpoints. The easiest and most cost-effective way of doing this is to build a wall, a fence, a barrier. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” wrote William Shakespeare, and what this means is we can quibble over names, but the need remains to build a comprehensive barrier along our southern, and northern, borders.

But a wall, fence, or barrier all have ways of entry whether it be a gate, a door, or a hole. So, while we need to be able to secure our borders and control access to who enters our country, we also must remember that the American Dream is still alive. Legal immigration helps drive many industries and brings us new hard-working and entrepreneurial people who are just seeking to carve out their piece of the American Dream. I want hard workers in this country, I want anyone who is willing to come and bust their butts to be able to succeed, and this extends to every legal immigrant in this country.

We must look at why people are leaving their countries in droves to come here. The first is obvious, high crime rates. Because economic opportunities in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, and Mexico are few and far between crime rates have gone up as people turn to steal, killing, and drug trades as a way to survive. The next reason is the lack of basic healthcare. Again, because of lack of jobs and income, most people from these countries who could become doctors are not sticking around and are instead leaving for the United States or other countries that present opportunities to them. Lastly, because of a large amount of government corruption, any money that is sent there in federal aid rarely makes it to the people in forms of government outreach or increased policing.

The next part to look at is why do immigrants then decide to come here illegally instead of waiting to come in legally. There are a few reasons for this, and none the least is that legal migration is expensive. Most immigrants do not have the available funds to pay a lawyer for a chance of getting a Visa and work permit to enter the United States, and unless they have a company (which would require them to have a specialization such a medical or engineering) to sponsor and pay for their legal fees, this makes it near impossible for an immigrant to afford. The next reason most would choose to enter illegally is that the wait is very long for legal migration. Other than those who are successfully able to apply for Asylum (only about 30% of those claims are approved) anyone seeking to navigate the traditional route for immigration would be looking at a waiting period of at least six months. The last reason they choose to go the illegal route is they know they will be met with very relaxed laws that will allow them to most likely be able to not only enter the country but face no real consequences if caught. We have seen multiple instances in which a criminal illegal alien had been deported several times before committing some violent crime. For most aliens who do get deported, it simply starts the process of coming to the country illegally over again. This is also accompanied by a strong network of cartel smugglers who are happy to get aliens across the border in exchange for drug smuggling or paying them large sums of money out of the earnings the alien receives once in the United States.

The solution to this I proposes is the Wall with Gates. This would allocate the necessary funds to build a border wall along the southern border with Mexico. This would also be accompanied by funds to build increased border stations at regular intervals along the border in which immigration agents will help (for free) any immigrant who shows up seeking to enter the country legally. This does not mean every immigrant will be granted access to the country, but this does mean that those who qualify for legal immigration will then be able to without the need to hire an expensive immigration attorney or be smuggled in by the cartel. These facilities would resemble what we had in Galveston, Ellis Island, and several other processing stations at the beginning of the 20th century. They would include dormitories to house the immigrants while they await their processing, medical facilities to conduct testing of all applicants to ensure no infectious diseases or mental health issues are present as well as providing urgent necessary medical care, a processing center with federal immigration employees who will conduct background searches and other related duties, as well as additional areas for cafeterias and all other necessary facilities. Any immigrant who qualifies for entry as well as passing all required medical and criminal screening would then be given a Visa and work permit and allowed to enter the country legally.

What this proposal would do is twofold. First, we ensure that our border is secured and that we can control the flow of immigrants coming into this country. This ensures we know who is in this country and have a better idea of their intentions upon arriving. Secondly, it allows us to continue letting hard-working people into this country who will make our country better and gives them the opportunity to come here legally, quickly, and without having to go into massive amounts of debt or make deals with the drug cartels.

At this point, we must understand that doing something is better than doing nothing. Our Congressmen and women can continue to grandstand on their party ideas, but since President Reagan gave the first immigration amnesty in 1986, we have been promised every election cycle that our politicians will actually fix the issues with immigration. So far, no concrete bills have been able to gain traction, as members of both parties demand they get 100% of their demands met in any bill.

I have been lucky enough through my time to work with several immigrants whether in the Oil and Gas industry, farming and ranching, or in the military. These have been some of the most dedicated, loyal, and hardest working people I have ever met. These are people who still believe in the American ideal, the American dream, and gave up everything they had at home to come here with nothing in an attempt to make a better life for themselves and their families. These are the kind of people our country should be begging for. We need to ensure the immigration system works for people like them, and those good hardworking people are not forced to take the route of coming here illegally due to costs, time, or politics.

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