About ROSS

Ross Schumann knows firsthand the challenges everyday families face in Texas.

Ross was born in Dime Box, Texas (Central Texas) and raised on an 800 acre cattle ranch. He graduated from Giddings High School in 2007 and enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard in 2008. Ross served for 10 years with the 551 En MRBC in El Campo, Texas.  He has worked in the Oil and Gas industry since 2011 and has completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in late 2018 from Syracuse University. Ross is a Constitutional Conservative, who believes all Americans are equal and share unalienable rights.

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Ross is running to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing Texas and the nation.

Family First

I believe that family is the most important thing in life. Which is why I support a littany of topics that help our families.

School Choice

Protection of Religious Liberty

Increased Child Tax Credit

Family Leave Policies

Better Quality of Life

Every American deserves to be able to live the way they choose. I support all Constitutional principles and believe all people should be able to live as they see fit.

No Income Tax on Overtime Hours.

Decreasing regulations on small businesses.

Improving Healthcare to work for everyone.

Reducing Crime and Drug Trafficking.

Decrease in Size and Scope of Federal Government

Increasing Opportunities

The Constitution guarantees us all the right to equal oppurtunites. This applies to all Americans, whether from a family that landed on Plymouth Rock or just came to the country. Every American has the right to pursue their dreams in the way they best see fit.

Revamping Immigration System to make it easier to immigrate legally

Increasing Educational Benefits for Veterans and Family of Veterans

Setting Caps of Price of Public College Tuition

Government Scholarships for High Demand specializations

Increased Government Funding of technical schools

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